Telugu Old Songs

Telugu song industry is a part of a film industry known as Tollywood, which has been around for many decades. The Telugu old songs are the best part of it and are loved by every person who is a fan of Telugu music. Music is probably the only thing common in all the cultures all over the world, there is music for sadness, love, romance, chilling, devotional, spiritual, and folk style. Even in India there is a diversity in music, and Telugu songs are a part of it as well, so here we have brought for you the biggest, greatest, top-rated, and finest collection of some of the most popular Telugu old songs.

Although the Telugu music could have been around for centuries, but the songs that came in movies and stayed dates back to 1930s, so we can say that Telugu song industry has been around for a while now. Telugu old songs are something that everyone should listen to once in their life, they have such an amazing music and lyrics that you will definitely fall in love with them in an instance. These old Telugu songs with their brilliant music and videos are among the evergreen songs category, they are not only for the old generation but is also perfect for the today's generation who like to listen to the modern Telugu songs.

Telugu Old Songs Video

Here on we have made all the top-rated, blockbuster, evergreen, and wonderful Telugu old video songs available fo free. These songs will take you to a place where you will feel calm and will be filled with happiness. The Telugu old songs videos from the era when black & white videos were made will make you feel amazing. We have a very vast library of these songs including some of the best and all time greatest hits of Telugu old songs like Megamala from the movie Bhale Ramadu; Endukoyi Thotamali from Vipranarayana; Lahiri Lahiri Lo from Maya Bazar; O Bangaru Rangalu Chilaka from Thota Ramadu; just to name a few.

On our site, you come across all the classic old Telugu songs video which you can enjoy absolutely free. We do not ask for any registration or subscription because we want our visitors to have a wonderful experience. The Telugu old songs video are also a feast for the eye with such amazing scenery, background along with the music. The Telugu old video songs feature some of the most famous actors and actresses Telugu film industry which includes Sri Rama Krishna, Shoban Babu, Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao(NTR), Savitri, Sivaji Ganesan, Rajasree, Anjali Devi, Vanisree, Bhanumathi, to name a few.

Telugu Old Songs Mp3

We have also provided Telugu old songs mp3 so that you can enjoy them anytime you want to. These old Telugu songs will take you back in time when life is much more peaceful and you have to connect the people on an individual level rather than using cell phones. So just tune in and listen to the Telugu old songs mp3 collection of ours and enjoy. Don't forget to share our site with your friends, family, social media so that other may also enjoy their favorite old Telugu songs and live again the old era.